Domestic Business

Since its inception, Ruian followed the pace of the rapid development of the market economy, made its every effort to develop. With excellent strategic vision, high profession level and unique sales network, first-class product quality and efficient after-sales service, Ruian won the praise of the majority of customers, and rose rapidly in pharmaceutical field.

Ruian's main products include innovative drugs, improved drugs, generic drugs, high-quality Chinese patent medicines, medical devices of 񡢢򡢢 classes and diagnostic reagent. It has a sound management system, professional training system and high-quality management team, has modern warehouse in accord with new GSP standards. Ruian located in a superior geographical position and have convenient transportation.

Company's products cover 80% hospital of second grade and three grade in China,. Ruian's service terminal and customers reach 20,000 and above. We have established a good strategic alliance with many well-known pharmaceutical enterprises at home and abroad, laid a solid foundation for Ruian's long-term development.

Ruian will undertake its mission " Respect for life and protect human health", with its good professional management team and a sound marketing network, Ruian will enhance the sustainable development capacity and its comprehensive competitiveness, expand the company's sales pattern, and further enhance the company core competitiveness, improve the company's market share, continue to achieve rapid growth performance, make more contribution for human health career, create a win-win situation for society, customers, employees.

Ruian has a sale team of 220 staff, who have the common goal " Respect for life and protect human health". The goal inspired us to continue to progress, success. Our greatest satisfaction comes from the increase of market share and improvement of service quality when helping patients alleviate their pain and improve their life quality by our efforts.

All Ruian people are trying to create a friendly, happy and harmonious working atmosphere, and look forward to repay society with excellent performance.

  • We adhere to the highest integrity and ethical standards

    We uphold honesty and trustworthiness, as well as responsible attitude to society, customers, employees and their families

  • We believe that the company's success depends on employees' professionalism, integrity and teamwork spirit.

    To achieve this goal, we strive to create a working environment of mutual respecting, encouragement and solidarity. We try to build an excellent and efficient sales team by system improvement, integrated training and assessment diversification.